Welcome to Unravel Travel!

Unravel Travel is about education. Being a small and independent company  with an experienced founder and director,  Unravel Travel is flexible, efficient, and can develop an educational program custom tailored for your professional and personal needs.

We develop and chaperone domestic and international exchanges for high school student groups, continuing education programs for international teacher groups and interested private people, and develop academic exchanges on college level.

Our programs offer education in a sense of partaking in real experiences, which might include, but are not limited to: home stays, talking to specialists in their fields such as professors, teachers, healers, politicians, and grass root activists. We visit schools, universities, courtrooms, music events, museums, indigenous communities, and historic sites.

We enable participants to observe, to ask questions, to see on their own, to think critically, and to apply their new knowledge in their own field of expertise.
Aside from all the educational activities you will also delve into and enjoy great New Mexican landscapes, foods, music, arts and crafts!

Our goal is that participants go back home and share their knowledge with their professional colleagues and student peers.
Our hope is that participants will apply their knowledge to their professional and personal life.
Our dream is that we can contribute to a peaceful world where people care for each other.