Who We Are


We, Susi Knoblauch and Alexander Marx, started to work together in 2015 in the Global Education Office of the University of New Mexico when Alexander worked as an intern for Susi planning our first international educational program for German teachers. We discovered that we are the perfect team. In 2017, we decided to continue working on international and domestic educational programs for teachers, high school and college students.



Susi Knoblauch has been working in the field of education for about 30 years. Susi started as a social worker in a Youth Center in Germany where she supported domestic and international teenagers in all their needs whether it was with their school work, with finding and retaining work, or with their personal problems. After moving to the USA, Susi continued working as a social worker in the US-Mexican border town of Deming, supporting young teenage mothers as they moved into the world of parenting. In 1996, she started as an educator at the University of New Mexico (UNM) teaching German language and culture as a graduate student of German Studies and finished her education with a degree in Education and teacher’s certificate for German and History.  She moved on to become an advisor for incoming international exchange students and scholars at the Global Education Office at UNM. She worked with IREX, an independent agency that administrates programs sponsored by the US State Department in Washington. Susi welcomed special program students and scholars from Pakistan and Eurasia at UNM. In coordination with universities from all over the world, the UNM faculty and the greater academic community of New Mexico, she won grants that brought scholars of many different academic fields and countries to UNM. She helped the newcomers with immigration paperwork, with housing, with the new academic world, and their assimilation process, and introduced them to the New Mexico culture. Hence, Susi developed a strong connection to all academic departments, to the university and New Mexican communities. After 14 years of working for the Global Education Office at UNM and refining her knowledge in the field of education, Susi decided to start her own business – and with Alex as a student volunteer she met the perfect colleague and partner! In 2016, Susi and Alex conceptualized and developed the first continuing education program for teachers in cooperation with the German-American Institute in Tübingen, also known as d.a.i. – Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut. In 2017, we started to develop exchange programs for high school students with the Graz International Bilingual School (GIBS), in Graz, Austria.

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Alexander Marx came to New Mexico for the first time in 2015 as an exchange student. He had traveled the world quite a lot and worked for various companies and organizations. During his time in high school, he went to South Africa, South Korea, Chile, around Europe, and had the chance to visit the United States a few times, mostly through orchestra exchanges. After he graduated from high school, Alex spent a year in the German military and participated in the army band. He studied music for two years and taught music to children for a while. In 2013, he decided to pursue a degree in American Studies at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. This decision was grounded in his genuine interest in the United States and his desire to spend some time there to study. This dream became reality when Alexander was accepted as an exchange student with the University of New Mexico (UNM) in 2015. Being a foreign student himself, Alexander became interested in working with the Global Education Office and their academic programs. He reached out and started working for Susi as an intern and helped conceptualizing the first continuing education program for German teachers. After a successful first program in the summer of 2016, Susi and Alex decided to continue to work together on international educational programs and we developed the second continuing education program. Alex finished his BA in American Studies in Germany and is now back in New Mexico pursuing a master’s degree in Geography – Environmental Studies at UNM while working as a volunteer with Susi on future projects, such as international high school exchanges and college exchange projects. His love for New Mexico and his enthusiasm for education guarantees the best possible experience for all program participants.



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